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Welcome to the newest leisure centre in Newham

The new Atherton Leisure Centre in Forest Gate gives Newham residents access to the most up-to-date sport and leisure facilities.
Daren, Atherton Leisure Centre

Atherton Leisure Centre reopened in April 2016. The brand new state-of-the-art centre offers Newham residents everything they need from its large and modern gym area, world class group exercise program and superb swimming facilities.

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Swimming Pool
Fun Swim

Cardio Area

Soft Play

Facilities at Atherton Leisure Centre
• Main swimming pool: 25m x 6 lanes
• Teaching pool: 20m x 10m.
In addition to the movable floor and wheel chair lift on the teaching pool, both pools have  a pool lift which means they are fully accessible to disabled users. The Neptune™ manual pool lift provides a safe, comfortable and dignified method of transferring a patient from the poolside into the water in an effortless way. The system includes chairs and a comfortable stretcher which attaches easily to the lift. The Neptune pool lift suits above ground pools as well as deck level pools. The main pool also has the accessibility via a “Sloped Tiled Staircase, with grab rails.

• Two fitness studios (100m² and 140m²) and a group cycling studio
• 'Changing Places' facility: for users with complex and profound needs who require assistance to participate in activities               
• Soft play area for children under 8

• Crèche for children under 5
• Café
• Gym: at 750m² this is bigger than the old gym and will have more up-to-date equipment

Great equipment
At the Atherton Leisure Centre we are providing some of the most modern state-of-the-art equipment that is currently available.
• Synrgy 360.
A dynamic piece of equipment that provides a total body workout across 12 stations. A full workout will take around 45 minutes, led by our superb fitness instructors.
• Hammerstrength HD Elite Half-Rack

A specialised piece of equipment that creates a vibrant small group training area - for those who want to take the intensity up a notch.
• Les Mills SMARTBAR™
This is a revolutionary barbell weights system that gets faster results for users. The innovative design of the SMARTBAR™ allows users to work their target muscles harder, for longer and get stronger faster. This will be a feature of the Les Mills Classes.
• Les Mills SMARTSTEP™
A great new innovation in traditional step equipment - which increases muscle activation and achieves better results over a shorter period. The design dramatically increases stability while minimising the risk of injury. This will only be a feature of the Les Mills classes.

The new centre provides customers with first class light catering facilities on the ground floor.
We want the new leisure centre to be a great place to meet friends and family and an important part of the local community.
The cafe is large, spacious and airy - the perfect place to relax after your workout, exercise class or swimming session.
We are providing an exciting and wide-ranging menu and of course there will be lots of healthy eating options available.

A great place for children
One of the big attractions of the new leisure centre is the huge amount
of space that we have given to activities for children.

The play area is exciting, safe and fun and provides a unique environment where
children under 8 can engage with new friends whilst getting active and taking part in some
healthy exercise.
Children can enter our exciting underwater world of exploration and activity. It has everything you would want in a soft play area, with slides, climbing frames, large ball pools and sensory equipment. Whatever your child's age they will love coming back time and time again to this unique environment!
There is also a large adjoining area where parents and carers can sit and watch the fun.
Soft play opening times (subject to private party hire)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am – 11am & 2pm – 8pm
Tuesday: 9am - 11am & 3pm - 8pmChildren's Parties
The soft play will be bookable by organised groups from 11am – 2pm. When not in use by organised groups it will be available to the public.
Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 5pm
Party Bookings:
Private party hire times
Saturdays 1pm – 5pm
Sundays 1pm – 5pm
Please click here for more information on Children's Parties at Atherton Leisure Centre.

Work with a Personal Trainer
At Atherton Leisure Centre there are Personal Trainers who are available to provide professional advice and coaching to their clients. They are all highly qualified and committed to working with their customers to help them to achieve their fitness goals. Each has their own personal specialities and can work with you, on a private basis, to support you and provide coaching each time you visit Atherton Leisure Centre.

Accessible to all
• There is step-free access throughout the new centre, with a lift to the upper floor of the building.
• The teaching pool has an adjustable floor, which can be raised or lowered to vary the  depth of the water. There will also be a platform lift to lower disabled swimmers into the water.

Environmentally friendly
The new centre:
• Uses the latest combined heat and power (CHP) to turn waste heat into electricity to power the centre.
• Uses recycled soil from the site to form a ‘living’ surface on the roof for plants and wildlife.
• Uses rainwater that is collected from the roof.
The centre’s roof will also be used to harvest rainwater, helping to form a living surface covered in recycled soil, which will provide a habitat for plants and wildlife to flourish in.

Opening times
Monday-Friday:   6.30am - 10.00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8.00am - 5.00pm

Atherton Leisure Centre
189 Romford Road
E15 4JF
0300 124 012


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