Get Active Outdoors

activeNewham manages some of the best outdoor facilities in London with programmes which run throughout the year.

Being active is not just about going to the gym or playing in our favourite sports. Rather it's about being active in our everyday lives. This is why we offer a huge range of outdoor programmes from walking, to gardening to even playing in your local parks and open spaces.

All of our programmes are suited to people of all ages and abilities, and are a great way to meet new people and get involved in your local community.  


Park Lives in Newham's Parks
 We are pleased to be providing a new programme of exciting outdoor health and fitness activities throughout the spring and summer - and they are all FREE!
Every day you can choose to take part in:
• Sports activities such as rugby, tennis, cricket, zumba, rounders, basketball and more.
• Keep Fit sessions and Yoga.
• Family activities in the parks and group gardening sessions.

• See all of events that you can take part in and where they are by following this LINK

Outdoor Sport

activeNewham provides the people of Newham with best range of outdoor sports to take part in - whatever your age or ability. There really is something for everyone! Dont' miss out  -  visit our sports pages and see how much we can offer you, and much of it is completely FREE. Our expert coaches and staff organise activities throughout out the year, so that you can develop your skills in your favourie sports and also learn new ones.
Over 300 people enjoyed the ParkLives activites in our parks over the summer. Why not try some of the new activities that we have organised for the autumn and winter?

Parks In Newham

Some of the best parks in the country are right here on your doorstep - with 22 parks and over 40 open spaces in Newham for residents and their families to enjoy. Not only are the facilities fantastic, activeNewham also provides a very wide range of activities throughout the year.Many of them are free, and whatever you are interested in, we are sure to find something for you to participate in. Follow this LINK to get the most out of the great parks in Newham.

Get Growing

If you are interested in gardening and growing your own food, we have just what you are looking for. Regular gardening not only gets you physically active - keeping you fit and toned - it has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. activeNewham can show you how to grow your own fruit and vegatables in a range of activities in your local community. Follow this LINK to find out about gardening clubs in Newham and  community gardening in your local area.

East Ham Nature Reserve

St Mary Magdalene Church in East Ham is home to a seven acre nature reserve, where wildlife is protected and undisturbed.
We want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy nature near where they live and East Ham Nature Reserve is a green oasis in the middle of the busy city.
This is one of Newham's hidden treasures - to find out more please follow this
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