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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up? -
You can sign up on our website, in person at a centre or you can call our Memberships team on 0300 124 0123 .
What’s the process for cancelling? -
If you do wish to cancel your membership, please send your cancellation request to .
I would like to book a class, how do I do that? -
You can book a class on the activeNewham app or on our booking website.
What are your opening hours? -
Our centres are open as follows:
Monday – Friday: 6am – 10pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays: 8am – 8pm (East Ham Leisure Centre closes at 3pm)
Do you offer Day Passes? -
Yes, you can purchase a 1 Day Guest Pass on our website for £10.
How can I change my login details? -
Follow this link login with your existing details and you will be able to update them. Alternatively, call Customer Services on 0300 124 0123 , or visit your local centre to change them.
If I join today, can I use the centre straight away? -
Yes, if you choose to start your membership immediately. You will be emailed your barcode to use at site.

Group Exercise FAQs

Will I be able to use the changing rooms or lockers? -
No, we ask that you come workout ready and only bring the essentials with you.
Will classes be socially distanced? -
Yes, classes will be smaller, allowing more space between participants.
Will I need to pre-book my class? -
Yes, you will need to pre-book via the app or online. 
What happens with my outdoor class if there is bad weather? -
If there is bad weather, the class will move to the Sports Hall on sectors 7 and 8. Our concierge will confirm the location of the session if unsure on arrival.
Will I have to come into the centre to check in for my outdoor class? -
No. Once your activity is booking on the app or online, use your card to enter through the turnstiles.
Where will the Outdoor Group Exercise classes be held? -
We have marked out boxes in the high jump area of the athletics track.
Can we bring our equipment to classes? E.g., Yoga Mats -
Yes. We are not able to provide yoga mats to members.
Do I need to bring anything else with me? -
Please bring water, a towel, and sunscreen as needed.
How many people per session, and is there a safe distance between each person? -
It depends on the type of session as different sessions have different capacities – viewable on the app.

Swimming Lesson FAQs

When are my child’s swimming Lessons returning? -
Swimming Lessons will resume for Children “Over the age of 8 years of age” and at “Stage Four and above only at Atherton and East Ham Leisure Centres week commencing 17th May. Children under 8-years and those Stages 4 or below will be invited back to their lessons in September.
How has it been decided what children are to be allowed to return? -
We recognise that many of our under 8’s will require parental assistance in changing and unfortunately, due to social distancing restrictions on the number of customers we can allow in both changing accommodation and swimming pools, by National Governing Bodies and Central Government, we are unable to bring everyone back at this current time, due to facility capacity. Therefore at this present time, we have had to place a cap on numbers.
What is the Booking Process going to be? -
activeNewham swimming co-coordinators will be contacting swim school members that fall into the selection criteria in A1 to discuss their return and class availability. Please do not call leisure centres – we will contact you.
What COVID Secure arrangements are in place at the Centre? -
Centres will have one way systems, Covid secure signage, and all customers will be required to wear face masks or shields when inside the building, unless exempt. There will also be: staggered start and finish times of classes; reduced class sizes; reduced capacity and cubicle accommodation in changing rooms; increased cleaning regimes; and socially distanced spectator seating. All Swimmers to arrive “beach ready” to limit the need to use changing rooms on arrival. Hand Sanitiser stations will be available for customer use throughout Centres. Teachers will use central poolside collection points for all swimmers to reduce customer travel across Centres.
What will happen if I am unable to attend my Lessons? -
activeNewham will be operating a non-attendance policy from the 17 th May for all lessons. If you cannot attend your lesson for COVID related reasons – supported with medical evidence – a credit will be issued for your missed lesson. Non-attendance for non-medical or non-COVID related reasons will result in the possible loss of your lesson space if non-attendance occurs on more than two occasions . Unfortunately, if we have to place your lesson space on hold, we may not be able to offer you another space on the Learn2 programme until sometime later in the year.
What will happen if I need to cancel my lessons? -
activeNewham will be operating a Cancelation policy from 17 th May for all lessons. Each cancellation will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Customers who choose to cancel their bookings may lose their spaces altogether. We cannot guarantee customers who cancel will be able to join a waiting list. Direct Debit payments for lessons not completed may also be payable before removing you from the programme.
What are the arrangements for dropping off & picking up swimmers? -
We encourage all of our swimmers to come to the lessons with a parent or guardian. However, at this moment in time, we would request that you limit this to only ONE parent or guardian to accompany each swimmer inside the building. Swimmers are to come ready to swim, with as little clothing/bags as possible to limit the need to use changing rooms when they arrive. Parents/guardians are requested to look after personal belongings whilst swimmers: lockers are not available. Parents/guardians that wish to watch their child swim will also be required to be seated in the socially distanced spectator seating. If you do not want to sit in the designated seating, we will need you to wait outside the Centre until your child has finished their lesson. We would also ask that parents do not congregate in groups of more than six.
What will happen to my Direct Debit payments? -
DD Payments for all lessons will restart on the 1st June.
Will changing rooms and showers be available? -
Changing rooms and showers will be available. However, we are operating a communal changing room and asking all customers to use the changing cubicles to ensure privacy. Showers should be limited to no more than two or three minutes when exiting pools before getting dressed.
Will I be required to wear a Face Mask at the Centre? -
To protect our staff and other customers, we ask that you continue to wear a face-covering inside the Centre after 19th July.
Is my child’s lesson going to be in smaller groups? -
Yes. To maintain social distancing and comply with Swim England’s guidance, we will be reducing the numbers of swimmers in each class. Swimming classes may also be in different parts of the swimming pool as a number of our lessons have moved into our main swimming pools.
Will my child have the same teacher as before? -
Where possible, teachers will continue teaching the same lessons as before. Your Swimming Co-ordinator will be able to advise you on this when they call to book your lesson.
What arrangements will be in place to ensure both facilities and equipment will receive additional cleaning? -
To ensure all of our facilities are COVID Secure, we have introduced extra cleaning in all areas. In line with Swim England guidance, equipment, e.g. floats, will be cleaned between each lesson.

Creche FAQs

When are the crèches opening? -
The crèche at East Ham is opening on the 4th October. Atherton and Newham’s crèches will open separately later; we will announce the reopening dates of the other crèches soon.  
What are the opening times? -
East Ham opening times are as follows:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: CLOSED
Is crèche included in my membership? -
Monthly and annual memberships include the use of the crèche. Additional fees are payable if you have a PAYG membership.
How much is a session? -
The crèche is £1.60 per child per hour.
How old does my child have to be to book into crèche? -
We accept children between the ages of 6-weeks up to their 5th birthday.
How many hours per child per day can be booked? -
Sessions are hourly, with a maximum stay of two hours.
Are staff childcare qualified? -
All Child carers will be qualified in their relevant field with ongoing training as required.
Do we change nappies? -
We will change wet and soiled clothing or nappies as required unless notified otherwise: if a change is not provided, we will call you to collect your child.
Do we bottle feed? -
Other than a bottle of water provided by yourself, we do not bottle feed. Please ensure your child has been fed before the session starts.
How many children do we accept per hour? -
activeNewham operates a strict policy on staff-to-child ratios to remain compliant with the Statutory Framework for Early Years – Foundation Years (Department of Education). All ratios are dependent on available resources available on any given day.
Will we call the parent/carer back if the child is not settled? -
If a child finds it hard to settle and becomes distressed during the session, we will contact you to attend to your child to comfort them and attempt to resettle your child. We may ask you to remove your child from the crèche if this is deemed in the child’s best interests or those of other children.
Can I leave the centre once my child is settled? -
You are required to always remain on-site at the Centre. Should you leave the Centre, we will make best endeavours to contact you before contacting the relevant parties, including the emergency services, local social services, etc.
My child is not well can I still attend? -
If a child is showing signs of illness, e.g., a rash, sore throat, nose or eye discharge, diarrhoea or vomiting, they may not be able to use the crèche facility. See our website for a list of exclusions.
How do I book for the first time? -
You must complete a registration form for each child before your first booking and at least annually after that. Registration forms are available on our website HERE.
Allow a minimum of 7-days for your request to be processed. Once we have reviewed your registration form, we will notify you that you can visit the site to sign your child up. You will be required to bring with your child proof of identity when signing up.
Booking a crèche session will then be available and can be done at reception.