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Term Meaning
Poolside Word used to describe the physical location by the pool
Wetside Used to describe activities which are conducted in the pool
Dryside Used to describe activities which aren’t conducted in the pool
PT Personal trainer
FI Fitness Instructor
Rec Recreation Assistant - also known as a lifeguard
Dry rec Dry Recreation Assistant - an individual that doesn’t lifeguard the pool
DM Duty Manager - responsible for the day-to-day operation of a leisure centre
GM General Manager - responsible for the whole leisure centre
AGM Assistant General Manager - responsible when the GM is not present
Swimco Swim Co-ordinator - responsible for lessons and the Swim School programme
Swim School Our swimming lessons programme
Group Ex Group Exercise - industry term used to collectively describe classes, e.g. HIIT, Pilates, etc
GEX See Group Ex
Crèche Where young children are cared for while you participate in activities
Soft play A play area for children