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Health & Safety Statement

Health and Safety, as with other aspects of activeNewham’s (the Organisation) undertakings, must be properly managed and cost effective.

It is the policy of activeNewham to comply with both the letter and spirit of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant legislation, and to regard the provisions of this legislation as minimum requirements.

Employees of the Organisation have a right to work in safe and healthy conditions. These conditions will be created and maintained by the preparation of, and adherence to, the Health and Safety Policy. The directors/managers fully appreciate that responsibility for health and safety is an integral function of management, on a par with responsibilities for all other business operations and we recognise the benefits of a fit and healthy workforce.

activeNewham (Organisation) will ensure a strong Health & Safety Culture and fulfil its responsibilities by adopting the approach set out in OSH 1.2 Health & Safety Approach Document.

Guest/customer safety is also integral to our philosophy.

The Organisation will undertake to provide adequate health and safety training and information to all employees to enable them to improve their knowledge and awareness of health and safety and to discharge their own health and safety responsibilities.

I believe that it is important for all personnel, whatever their position, to accept their personal responsibilities as detailed in this policy and I seek active co-operation between management and employees to promote a safe and healthy environment for ourselves and for those who avail themselves of our service.

Finally, we undertake to review and revise this policy as often as is required by changing legislation. All changes will be brought to the attention of all employees.

Reviewed: October 2022.