Hot Yoga at Balaam Leisure Centre

Have you tried our Hot Yoga classes in our state-of-the-art hot studio facility?

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If you love to sweat and feel great afterwards then there are fewer better workouts than a hot yoga class. With hot yoga fast becoming any incredibly popular way to exercise, we are opening a state-of-the-art hot studio at Balaam Leisure Centre. Hot yoga has been renowned for transforming lives by improving health, increasing fitness and healing injuries. Combining yoga postures with a warm temperature will get you sweating, with a 90-minute class burning up to 1,000 calories!
For more details, click here to read the latest blog on the benefits of a hot yoga class.

Hot Yoga FAQ

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

Increased metabolism

Working out in a hot room increases your pulse rate and metabolism. This enables your blood vessels to become more flexible so your body burns more calories!

Flushes out toxins

Hot yoga will most certainly make you sweat. Getting a sweat on will remove toxins from your body and make your skin look more youthful!

Mental strength 

Hot yoga will relax your mind, help with emotional stability and encourage peacefulness. Physical wellbeing is linked to emotional wellbeing and yoga is renowned for both elements.

Heart health

By sweating and working your heart, your heart strength will improve. The combination of the hot room and exercise will make your body's own thermoregulation far more efficient. 


Hot Yoga is available off-peak as part of the activeBaseline membership. It can be added with peak access to a Balaam only membership for an additional £10 per month (£29.95 in total). Individual class prices can be found below - 
                           Non Member      Centre Member      Concession Member     Non Inclusive to Membership
                                                       90 Minute Hot Class            £18                        £18                             £12                                         £6

                                                       60 Minute Hot Class            £15                        £15                             £10                                         £6

                                                       30 Minute Hot Class            £12                        £12                              £8                                          £4


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