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Junior Memberships

Your Membership, Your Way

Our brand new activeNewham junior membership will now allow 14 – 16 year olds to take part in gym*, swim and group exercises* at any of our five leisure and fitness centres!

This membership is available from just £25 per month and starts from Saturday 1 July 2017!

Our junior memberships are here to encourage children to get into a healthy routine where they can form great health and fitness habits for the future. Your children will enjoy all the best that our leisure facilities have to offer. This will include:

Fun Swim sessions

Access to any group exercise classes

A coached session in a sport of your choice ranging from swimming, tennis, football and many more once a week.

Enrolment in our youngGen classes where you will learn how to use the gym equipment safely

Racquet sports

and more…

Children must be supervised by a parent and/or guardian at all times in order to participate in this activity.

For more information or to join, please call 0300 124 0123