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Safeguarding Statement

activeNewham provides a wide range of facilities and services. As a result, there will be occasions when employees, work experience students and contractors have contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults (those at risk) to varying degrees. Protecting those at risk is a corporate responsibility. All those at risk who come in contact with the company are protected and treated with respect. Those at risk have the right to exist in a safe, secure, and caring environment and should be respected and valued as unique individuals; we acknowledge their vulnerability and need for protection. We are committed to the Children’s Act 2004(2013) principle that the child’s welfare is paramount.

We take all allegations of abuse seriously and take action necessary to protect those at risk from abuse. We seek to ensure all employees appointed to work with those at risk, or likely to come in contact with them, are qualified and will go through our safer recruitment and selection process. We protect employees from the risk of malicious or unfounded allegations of abuse to those at risk. We will support our employees against allegations against them through the process of an investigation.

Employees working with or providing services to those at risk should be able to recognise the signs of abuse. Employees should understand their duty to report concerns and know the procedures they should follow. We provide appropriate training, supervision and support for employees to understand their roles and responsibilities concerning safeguarding.

We will share information and safeguarding concerns with agencies that need to know and involve parents/carers or others appropriately.

All external (non activeNewham) groups providing services to children on our premises or under our control must have a Safeguarding Policy, which we may request to inspect.

We will respect the rights, dignity, privacy and beliefs of all individuals concerned and do not discriminate based on race, culture, religion, language, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Finally, we undertake to review and revise this policy as often as required by changing legislation and bringing changes to the attention of all employees.

Reviewed: October 2022.