Brand new SYNRGY360 classes

Gym floor 'fast classes' for between 12-15 people on the SYNRGY360 equipment. There are a variety of sessions which last for 30 minutes and include the following:

HIIT 360

This high intensity interval training (HIIT) session will not just burn a huge amount of calories, but is guaranteed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner in no time.


Blitz 360

A calorie burning session with High intensity bursts of activity focused on all body conditioning, suitable for all abilities and skill levels.


Core 360

This core conditioning session is designed to improve posture and stabilisation, utilising stations on and off Synrgy360. A strong core leads to a strong, fit body that will be less prone to injury or just to help build great abs.


Total Body 360

A full body conditioning session which combines sequenced exercise to allow for continuous training, muscular conditioning and calorie burn.


Circuit 360

A circuit-style session designed to keep the blood circulating throughout training, the smaller muscles around the heart and core area targeted first, while larger muscles on the body's periphery are targeted second.


Functional 360

Focusing on training basic movement patterns, this session works on pushing, pulling, bending, extending, rotating, balancing and stability at a moderate intensity. This session is suitable for people looking to improve daily function, mobility and reduce the risk of falls.


LBT 360

Legs, Bums & Tums class based on an all over body workout. Starting with a combination of legs and cardio exercise and ending on core. This class focuses on key areas to help you build muscle and burn more fat.


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